Jamaican Fair Trade

Jamaican Fair Trade was established November 2018. The purpose of Jamaican Fair Trade is to work with small Jamaican farms to get 100% Blue Mountain Coffee to the Midwest. We work with small farmers that get certified though the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority. The Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority also known as the CIB (Coffee Industry Board) have very strict quality control measure to insure that the coffee is to the standard of the Jamaican Blue mountain standard. Blue mountain coffee one of the worlds most seemed after coffee because their mild flavor and lack of bitterness. The goal of Jamaican Fair Trade is to work with small farmers in Jamaica to help build their economy while bring one of the world’s best coffee to the Midwest. Jamaican Fair Trade will be supplying small coffee shops, rosters, and the local consumer with 100% Blue Mountain Coffee. Jamaican Fair Trade will have light, medium, and dark roasted beans available for purchase.

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this is the best coffee in the world. Contact
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