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Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is some
of the most sought after in the world!

  • When it comes to supporting small, local businesses, it's important to me that their values, reflect those of my own. Not only does Jamaican Fair Trade represents family and culture, the coffee tastes amazing first thing in the am! Owner Dave, provided quick and great customer service as well. I will be sharing this gem with others. Thank you!

  • Absolutely amazing coffee!

  • Highly recommend you try the coffee!! Daughter loves it and says it's the best French Vanilla she has ever had!! Will be ordering more!! Delivery is also very quick!

  • Smells great and tastes even better!! Love this coffee!! Thanks Dave for the easy ordering and fast delivery!!

  • I ordered on a Friday, it was here by Saturday. The young man was kind and the coffee is good. I'm impressed.

  • This coffee is amazing, smooth and flavorful. I really enjoyed the selection and taste of the coffee. I will definitely be purchasing this again. Great service!!

  • Wow, the coffee is amazing - high quality and fair trade - that is the first thing. The prices are very reasonable that is the second thing. The shipping/delivery is beyond fast making Jamaican Fair Trade the only place you should be getting your coffee from!

  • 100% you need to get your coffee from Jamaica Fair Trade. They are local and work directly with farmers in Jamaica to make sure they are paid fairly and that you know where your product came from. Delivery is fast and to your door of you are in the Milwaukee area or shipped if you are outside of it. The coffee is so smooth you will never want to stop drinking it. Personally I enjoy several cups a day! It is also great to have a connection directly with an owner like Dave who is so friendly and clearly cares so much about his customers!

    Cindi S
  • I'm a new coffee drinker. i never liked the taste of coffee. I have one cup per day in the morning. This coffee, however, had me CRAVING a 2nd cup. WOW!

    Brian Mitchell

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highest quality

To maintain top certification by the
Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, every
bean is hand picked and inspected a
minimum of three times to ensure the
highest of quality

Genuine Richness

Grown in the rich soil of Jamaica’s
Blue Mountains, our coffee boasts
flavors of nuts, cocoa and spices; ensuring
the smoothest and richest Jamaica has to offer.

Roasted to Perfection

To care for a product as rare and unique as ours; the roast of each bean needs to be impeccable.

Rare Pleasure

From its top levels of quality to the time invested in each and every bean; our taste proves why Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world.

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